When i was born My mom wanted to name me Roxann,

MY dad would not allow her to due to the once popular song by the police

My dad felt this name would make me fall in to a category that involve prostitutes.

My dad failed to realize how popular the name Brittany would become,

he failed to realize how many classes i would have with other Brittany's,

And yes there is at least one if not more every year.

He also failed to realize that I would never come across a Roxann within my first 18 years of life.

I can't help but to question who i would be if i was named Roxann,

if i could have avoided the stereotype of being another white girl with a "white" name.

If I could have avoided all of the Brittney Spears jokes, when they other kids failed to realize that out names are in fact pronounced differently.

If I could have been more myself, 

If I wouldn't have stage fright,

If I wouldn't have been so shy,

since I might have been noticed for my name.

I Hate my name 99% of the time, I hate how common it is.

I hate that some of my teachers still can't spell it,

despite it being one of the most common names.

Roxann is the name I longed for through out most of my life

I would picture myself as Roxann- more care free and not confined by a name.

I know I can become this with the name I already have,

but it's so hard when your surrounded by so many people with your name

when you hear someone yelling your name but it's not for you-

I learned to ignore people yelling my name, even if i recognize the voice.

It's hard when the teacher callls for you but your not sure if it's actually you.

But i'll never be Roxann.

So I just have to be Brittany


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