Roses Never


Roses never fail to impress,

always seen as the best

Used as gifts or disguises

even through demises

But never would you see a dandelion;

that would be defyin';

But have you ever stopped for one

and let yourself become undone?


Roses display beauty and love –

it's what my mother always wanted more of

But all eventually faded

Down, the petals cascaded

But no, a dandelion is a weed

and roses still succeed.


The rose and the dandelion

may die the same,

but one is tame,

the latter, uncontained.


Maybe far, maybe near

its seeds will drift away without fear

With somewhere to go

it will continue to grow


Whose gardens it touches, leave is its mark.

The path taken, it continues to disembark.


Its colors may not be as vibrant

just sitting there, silent

but it still has life in it

that not all (or most) see;

hidden behind, underneath

its little bits.


So not all are roses

maybe not even dandelions,

because life has more flowers that grows with it


Just look beyond and you'll see,

but for now, that dandelion is me.


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