Sun, 07/17/2016 - 18:25 -- AmayaJS

They tell us that we are free, but are we really 'free'?
Bounded and affected by the oppression against me
"Slavery didn't happen to you, so why should you be affected?"
Its the root of all African American's problems today, but would you even have guessed it?
We really are concrete roses
All of us are in some way
We rose up from beauty, in a cold dark place
Society puts its stamp on us and I have to admit it works
They tell us what beauty is and how we can benefit from the perks
Its all just systematic if you can really understand it
System of color, system of race, system of survival of the fittest
We should never conform to society's expectations
Sometimes being a wild rose is so much better than being maintained

This poem is about: 
Our world


How can we be the same

When one is a brother and another is a sister?

When one is tall and another is lame

When one is pale and another a different shade

Into one category can we all be made?

Living and beings 

But then we are like animals

To pee sleep and eat

Animals must eat one another To live

But we have the ability of kindness and to give

Compassion is the idea that separates us from animals

And brings us togethers as human beings.


Really good. The first four stanzas encapsulates what I wanted to say. Thank you.


i am white and you know what i would of been the first white person back in the days to vote for ENDING SEGREGATION i support everything your saying i understand that you would right this and i beleive and have hope for the world to chang... 



<3 GG

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