Rose-Tinted Suicide

Yet the things that i love
It's not working after all. 
I think we had enough.

I thought I was lucky
and strong

But I guess I was wrong

It would be a lie
if i said I didn't cry
over the song 
you wrote

But now I know
you'll sit back and
watch as my life
passes me by

I'm starting to feel unstable, unreliable
to this world 

Without leaving a legacy to be unheard

You came back with a
stab, well congrats to that

Lord willin' all this sufferin' imagine all the feelings

See your that kinda guy that disses but freezes

But to mother I wish 
she woulda changed 

This a rose-tinted suicide 
to all the people who were
never loved

just like a throne

I'll stay in that place alone

The news claim it's a terror zone,

Alone I'll stay
for evermore

But a better life is hard to be sown
while i'm the black sheep thats name
is a devil's curse

Trapped without mercy, forever alone.
While he sits on his throne and think he's king

While you still
haven't throw me

But words are words
and actions are legends

So Did your heart explode 
from the impact of my 
words like russian
roulette? Or a game
of thrones? I would love
to know.


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