The Rose-Misunderstood

The standard rose, filled with life, joy, as well as lucious in color.

One sees the rose as an object that merely utilizes photosynethesis,

When in fact it is obvious that this rose can do nothing about the hand 

That feeds it. The rose simply...exsists; unaware that the hand that feeds it 

Means it harm. Unaware that the hand makes it thirsty and keeps it hidden 

From the world, to the point where the world forgets it's once prevelant importance

Within it. The Rose could very well be you or I. Forced to deal with the relentless killing

Of our own. What ever happened to the harmony the quest for peace that our predecessors

Once had that drived them to get equality for all? What ever happened to the children that

Asked why not instead of being grounded by someone else's limitations? Yes the rose is

Small and delicate, but it is also part of a whole, that works collectively, to ensure their

Survival. Nevertheless if you stumble upon a rose uplift it, treat it as you would your 

Child, dont be afraid to, because mankind will not progress as a whole unless we learn

To love one another.



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