Rose Garden Vail Of Darkness

The secret is hidden within the rose burried in the garden of thorns

for if you try to rech me beware you wlle torn

and in your dreams I shall awake a mist of golden rays

for im the portrait you have looked for throughout your golden days

for now i have arisen a misty golden haze

for now you have tried to reach me but sadly you have failed

now start at the beggining and take away the vail

the vail that has blinded you throughout the light of day

take it off and you will see clarer than bafore see that you made a wrong turn you went through the wrong door

for the blindness of the vail bestowed upon your head has lead you down the wrong path you're not dead

for it led you down the wrong path now you must escape you must learn to use the light use the light of day

i illuide you omygaen first the grden of thorns in order to escape use the sunlight to find the secret door

then you need to find the key the key within the rose

for once you've found the key their you must not rome straight ahead untill the door were you;re free to be your own

you;re a free person with the key one who has no vail a vail bestowed upon you by the gates of hell

the past you hold is dark as night your future bright as day the future you unlock with the key you hold today 

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Our world
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