Rose in a fucked up dream

Baby you were cuddling next me.

Woke up you were gone.

Another fucked up dream.

Staring in her eyes.

Baby blue like the sea.

Blood on her arm.

Where my name used to be.

Now I'm stuck in the past.

With all are memorys.

You falling down.

Right next to me.

You where right there.

Begging on your knees.

Asking "why dosent my mom love me".

Wake up again.

Another fucked up dream.

I swear girl.

These memorys will be the death of me.

I'm sitting here in a fucking white tee.

We were crazy.

but we were ment to be.

We were on the edge of a mental break.

Caused from the damage of are past mistakes.

Drinking are feelings away.

Getting high to numb this pain.

But it's all ok.

Yes I'm away.

But we knew it would happen again one day.

And I'm still trying to cope while my hearts been slain.

Dont ask me why I'm crying.

Its just impossible to escape the pain.

At all...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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