rose field

when the heat wave strikes, do not move
it is better to become transparent and allow it to go through you
holding onto suffering will only cause more pain 
either way when something is too cold or too hot it burns

when spring arrives and the roses sprout
do not be fooled again by their beauty
their smell always tries to lure you in, but you have to know better
each thorn you’ve pressed your skin against has left a scar
but you will know better 
it is all about patience

when you think you are falling apart 
and you suddenly mirror the petals of the roses that have hurt you
think better
you are stronger than the pain that hurt you in the past seasons
when you are afraid that you are falling into old habits
when you think you are mirroring the actions of others that hurt you
think better
you might think you can’t keep going
but you will sprout again

and when the winter comes for you
become transparent and let it go through you
the rose field withers away 
you are a creature of cold
you will remain while the pest wilts
you will be your own rose field
hold onto yourself, 
you will care about yourself the most

a letter to your younger-self

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