Rose Colored Glasses

This smile I wear, these jokes I make

The clothes I do on, and the time I take

To make you see, who you think you know

Not this girl inside that I refuse to show


My name is Jessica, I am 24 years of age

I play this part and act it out on this stage

This world that has cast me as the girl of adversity

The caramel skinned female who is too small for indignity


But who am I really?

That’s what they want to know

Who is this girl?

The one I don’t show


So here it is

No rose colored glasses

I’m just a girl

Taking her chances.


I’m a little too round

With hair that’s a shade darker then natural

With scares that I cover

And some inner turmoil of a battle


I’m never broken a bone

But I have known pain

I was that nerd in high school

You never heard from again


My eyes are dark brown

But have still been called lovely

And no matter what people say

I still sometimes think I’m ugly


I read too many books

I know too many random facts

I’m a college student

Taking one last chance

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