Rose Colored

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 03:22 -- zybunny

When I wake,

for an hour or so

perched upon my window sill

with the scent of dew in the breeze,

I gaze at the dull sky

and listen to the sound

of each piercing note of this melody

sweet and clear

in this life I doze in

tucked in the folds of my quilt


and suddenly,

when I awaken from my thoughts,

the sun,

it has risen

and the sky,

it has bloomed

streaks of rose colored clouds

stretch across the sky

and leave me aching inside


I am not alone

and the cracks I’ve made

in this globe

are how I met you

and I laugh every time I remember

how you say, "No."

with a face

that is unable to hide its smile

when I try to steal your food


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