Wed, 08/17/2016 - 02:38 -- Cammy

Craft a darkened temple in your mind

give it four pillars, no, five

set a pedestal in the middle

upon it, lie a full blooded rose

now, name the pillars;


First, is the rose,

so sweet and pure

that holds a truth to bare


Second, lets call it laughter, that joyful sound

always knows, when you're around


Third is heart

that much you hold

all that more worthy than bold


Fourth is soul, that secret sound

that rebounds

those empty echos

of your footsteps

upon the earth

that seem to spell your worth


don't shake the rose


Fifth, and final, is only you

your all I need

for this is true

together, you hold up the walls

cause you don't understand

of that rose

that holds an epiphany

of love not meant to be


your shadow darkens the door

my heart is too heavy to hold

your silhouette

in the filled frame

of my mind's eye

you are saying goodbye


cause you don't understand

that the grandstand

hilds an epiphany

of love not meant to be


from the curve of your cheek

to the warmth of your heart

you've haunted my waking hours

and broken my heart


just to good

was all you are

to hold on to me

and be just who you are


I became a poet,

because of you

to kiss away the pain

of loving you


you, me, and finality

holds a note that rings true

that just because these words drip from my lips,

doesn't mean their true


the rose will shatter just like glass

if you but ask

why this is so


So craft a temple

in your mind

give it four chances, no, five

to hold a rose

to tell me where to go, I suppose

to that darkened temple in my mind

that reminds you

that I love you

cause a rose so sweet

between these walls

can't hold up

the shattered glass

of my heart

because between You and Me,

its all just Poetry.


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