Like A Rose

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 22:08 -- tiraluv

They say love concurs all.

But love can't over power your anger that you ring out like a wet rag.

Leaving me dry like these tumble weeds that sweep the ground.

Leaving stickers in my foot.

The pain only lasts five seconds unlike going three days without a single call from you.

Somehow, you've found a way to stick my heart with goat heads; but I can't reach inside me and pull them out.

So I swallow hard trying to dissolve them. But just like gum, they don't degrade.

So I walk around with a thorn kept heart like a fresh rose. Baloo calls it a prickle pear, but I call it a guarded heart.

My new defense mechanism.

Because now, no one else can touch me.


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