The Room That Never Sleeps


United States
34° 6' 27.7128" N, 118° 36' 53.316" W

A stressful room inside a restless house
I sit with noise, never sleeping
I walk through the room scattered with paper
Each piece resembling trash littered upon the pavement

My room no longer a place of solitude
A constant green light never dimming
The printers glow the cities lights
These items blend to one

I search for air that is no longer present
I am packed in with 30 shoes
Endless stream of people never ending
The city’s feet are to much for me

My life is now a constrained space
This furniture stacked one onto another
There is hardly any space for me
An apartment building in a 200 story building

The city streets are never empty
Always a heartbeat somewhere
3 giant spiders like the homeless
Living in the cold in a place they are unwanted

A giant TV stands tall
Giving information on the latest news
A teleprompter is the only comparison
Bright and Florescent posted a top a building

I beg for rest reviving none
I must leave this place
I need space a place I can be me
In present I'm another nameless citizen lost among the populous.


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