The Rooftop

I am sitting on the rooftop,

my legs hanging freely off the edge.

This is my favorite place to go.

I’m sitting on top of the world,

yet it could come crashing down at any second.

I’m alone;

But I do not feel lonely.


The wind flows lightly,

like a robin soaring gently along the horizon.

It’s dusk;

the sky is a soft purple.

Stars twinkle on and off like Christmas lights.

One after the other,

until the sky is lit up for miles.


I shut my eyes.

My thoughts race at a million miles an hour,

Yet at this very moment my mind is blank.

White like a sheet of paper;

Clear as daylight.

I open my eyes

and actually take in what has appeared around me.  


A crescent moon has appeared between the mountains

A blanket of stars surround me.

On the rooftop

I am not a shy girl longing for acceptance.

On the rooftop

I am in control of my future.

I am in control of my destiny.


Nothing can go wrong here.


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