From Romulus and Remus to Hannah Hazel

Usually it’s when two people love each other,

That ultimately leads to the birth of another,

But these two girls weren’t made that way,

And oh, did the king’s wife have a lot to say.


Her husband and another girl, that stung,

So she talked to the king and with her evil tongue,

Those twins were banished, they were sent away,

Into a basket and floated down the river the very next day.


Carried further and further until the river was wide,

The river, their friend, the force, their guide,

A new land they arrived,

Onto the shore, somehow they survived.


On the bank of the river, they stayed through the night,

Hungry from the trip, beneath the moon so bright,

They waited and waited and they weren’t let down,

When the sun rose they were met by something brown.


The furry animal licked their faces,

And towards his home he did race,

Through the forest and trees so tall,

Bounding on the leaves, the color of fall.


They were halfway there,

When they heard the rumbling growl of the bear,

The dog went low, bit the bear’s knee,

The bear fell like a lumberjack’s tree.


But the claws dug in, the blood ran out,

The dog didn’t whimper, the dog didn’t pout,

He lifted the basket with his mouth,

Even with a cut on his leg, he kept sprinting south.


100 yards away, is where he fell,

He barked, he whimpered, his eyes did well,

His eyelids heavy, his body weak,

All hope was lost until he heard a creak.


His head snapped up, the door was wide,

He saw his owner, and she cried,

She ran to her dog and the basket too,

And she wondered, “what did my dog do?”


Years passed, the twins grew,

They farmed, but in their blood leadership did brew

They had a following, their voices heard,

They posted, they streamed, they kept their word.


Others would fight, they would pick sides,

If the arguments were oceans, they calmed the tides,

But when they became so proud,

Their world turned upside down.


There strong opinions left one in jail,

The other sister was searching everywhere,

They found out about their past,

Daughters of the king, explained their looks, at last!


Their carmel skin, their hazel eyes,

They didn’t fit in, now they knew why,

She broke her sister free,

She said, “Hannah and Hazel, you and me.”


But where were their parents, they wanted to see,

All they had was a gold necklace of a little tree,

They traveled down the river where their parents should’ve been,

They found a grand mansion and thought they found their kin.


They went inside, but there wasn’t a king,

Just a president and marvelous things, 

He gave them a job at the grand home,

They met a royal family, under a golden dome.


A queen and a king, and maid they did bring, 

Around the maid’s neck was a cute little thing,

None other than a tree necklace, and it was gold,

They did something they wouldn’t regret and it was bold.


They talked to the maid and found she was their mother,

Their father was the king, well no other,

They were serving the queen, and spilled soup on her dress,

And it wasn’t an accident as you would guess.


They killed their father, and reclaimed the throne,

The queen got what was coming, she should’ve known,

They conquered a new land, but where should the capital lay?

A city in the forest or a city on the bay?


They asked the gods for help because they were torn,

Over the bay was a rainbow, in the forest a storm,

Hannah said the bay was the winner,

And Hazel said the storm was a better beginner.


With Hannah seeing red,

She slayed her sister dead,

And with her sister killed,

Her dream of a capital on the bay would be fulfilled.



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