Romeo, My Golden Boy

When I was a small child,

My aunt adopted a puppy so small and wild,

His golden fur was as soft as can be,

And even now that he’s grown he means the world to me,

His name is Romeo and quite a noble name it is,

He even plays hide n’ seek he’s that much of a canine wiz!

His kisses lick your troubles away,

Or at least mine anyway,

His story began in a sad sort of way,

A 3 week old puppy abandoned on the highway,

But a kindly officer took him out of the thunderstorm,

And the animal shelter gave him a nice warm dorm,

He melted the hearts of almost everyone he met,

He was by far my favorite pet,

Even though he died,

And I've for many days cried,

I remember the days Romeo filled with joy,

I will always miss and love my golden boy.


This poem is about: 
My family


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