Play the role like your life depends on it,

a magician with your bag of tricks.

Take on the personality people expect,

keep on the masks that mask the wreck.

Hide your emotions, keep them hidden.

Continue to live the lie you’re living.

Greet each new day with another fake smile

while your mind races with thoughts so vile.

Don’t tell your friends you’re sick of the fighting;

join in on the backstabbing and lying.

Don’t let slip how much hate you contain.

Suppress it though you know it will drive you insane.

If you know, then why continue this charade?

Do you know what makes you so afraid?

I am the same, so is the world.

We hide our hearts, disguise the hurt.

‘Til one has the courage to let a heart breathe,

we will remain in these prisons, won’t dare to fly free.

We will keep weaving and spinning our tricks

and play the role, though our lives depend on it.



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