The Rock Who wanted to be an island


There stould the rock who stould alone wishing to be more than what he is.

He told the others that soon he would be a peaceful and majestic island.

Many discouraged him for they told him it could not be done.

He swore that he would show them better, that it could be done.

Then a voice spoke to him saying, " Rock, why must you cry in pain?"

"Oh mountain I wish to be a beautiful island. But I am just poor and lowly Rock," said the rock

"Oh Rock, you are much more , you make up me the mighty mountain. And as well this Wonderfull World,"said the Mountain.

Do not doubt yourself for you play part in this world too.

So when you are doubting yourself. Think of the Rock Who wanted to be a Island.

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Nice Poem. What make you write such


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