The rock

One day as I slept in my car before work
You pulled up next to me
And walked into my car
I was taking a nap
So seeing you get into my car like if we were so close
I smiled and said hello
You said you had a gift for me
I woke up real quick
You laughed and handed me a small bag
The bag fit in my hand
I was worried it was jewelry
I wasn't ready to except something like that from anyone
The bag felt a lil heavy
Once I opened it..
It was a rock
An egg shaped rock
My eye lit up...
I love rocks
For someone to pay attention to a small detail like that
I only mentioned it once
And for this guy to act like we've known each other for years
walking into my car while I slept
To getting me something so simple yet so meaningful to me ....
This gift made me see the world in color again


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