Robert Love Taylor


We were separated by states. 

No hair yet upon my chin,

but without being aware, 

I belonged to you.

My heart had a path, 

and knowing you not,

we were still destined to be.


I, Robert.

And you, Taylor, 

forged a love unbreakable by words or miles.

Yet, in the process of completeing our puzzle,

my 6 years were overlived,

and not only states, 

but 6 feet separted you from I. 


Still not knowing you,

and never knowing our fate, 

I loved you just the same.

Pondering upon all of the turns that would have lain ahead

if I had taken the right ones.


Instead, I loved you through the trees.

I danced with you through the breeze, 

and tickled you with every blade of grass.


Truth be told, I never knew you. 

Not until now. 

But my heart never stopped beating for you until the day I would say,

"Hi, I'm Robert, and I have never known a love other than you, Taylor."


It's funny to think,

if not you would accept my love,

or take my hand in yours.

But my short 6 years kept me from ever knowing. 


I never got to grow the hair upon my chin

and I never got to meet you.


However, one day I hope I am so blessed.

I, Robert.

And you, Taylor, 

love you unconditionally. 

Be you known.



By states, 

or 6 feet. 


I should have grown for you.

I should have been there for you. 

You should have known my name. 

I, Robert Love Taylor, born October 21, 1916,

died December 17, 1922 should have known you. 


After all, 

it was written in my name. 




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