Roadway to Success


On this road I pursue a job,

A fine job in fact.

This job is an artwork I love,

It's culinary arts to be exact.

On this road lies strife and negativity.

Negativity continues to persist

   to consume and drag me in its abyss

But ONWARD will I resist.

Affording education is a massive burden to bear.

The cost is phenomenal- beyond my means,

But there’s no limit to paying for dreams.

I clutch within my hands family,

A family that cares.

Though some may be unfavorable,

I possess a heart that never tears.

On this road I pursue executive chef,

A fine chef in fact.

Cuisine is my love and passion,

Fine cuisine to be exact.

I pursue Johnson and Wales University

to learn from the best of bests.

Culinary arts I’ll need to study.

This is my roadway to success.


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