This Road Trip Will Numb Me

This road trip will numb me
I’ll lay back and close my eyes for the third time
Watch the sunset for the fifth
I don’t know how long we’ve been driving
Each day just kind of runs into the next
All I know is that I’ve seen five sunsets since we left
Or was it the sunrise?
I’ll let the car ride drive me into space
Into oblivion
As I fight the sickness from pulling me back to reality
It’s a dead dream
So I watch you drive for a while
Each hand resting at the 10 and the 2
Making turns and taking exit ramps
It’s like you know each route like the back of your hand
We only stop once
To stretch out and to breathe some fresh air
Before we make our way back to the stuffy car
And I close my eyes
To only dream of a destination we can call home


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