The Road Not Taken

I see what I want 
I know what I get 
And remember things that I just cant forget 
I know what I know 
I hear what I hear 
And do what I can to keep my mind clear 
I see the mistakes 
Those around me make 
But I won’t play that game 
I’m staying the same 
True to my name 
Strong one 
That’s right 
Thats who I am 
And for the future 
I’m making my plans 
Believe me when I tell you 
I know where I’ve been 
And I am comfortable in the skin I’m in 
I don’t know where I’m going 
But there’s a path I’m making 
Yeah I got a road 
It’s just the road not yet taken 



Where does your road lead?


This poem reminded me a lot of Robert Frost's famous poem of the same name, especially because both poems bring up the idea of individuality. However, Frost's poem speaks about doubting one's individuality while your poem is more upbeat and speaks about being confident and strong about where you go in life, showing that it is important for us all to believe in ourselves.


This poem was actually inspired by the Robert Frost poem and I did want to look at it from a different perspective and I'm glad that I've achieved that based on your comment.


It's great that we can use other poets as inspiration for our own poetry.


It is! And inspiration is what makes for great writing even if the writer doesn't know it.


Nice mindset, you keep being yourself and stay focus...


Thank you. I how to do just that :)


Thank you. I hope to do just that :)

Cheryl Griffith

Great poem! I've read 'The Road Not Taken' and I like it but this is more positive and without regrets and so full of confidence. I really like this poem, the way it flow so smoothly and your word choice that brought out your message so clearly. It also has an unusual shape, as though climbing a rough road with ups and downs but it keeps going so even the shape paints a picture for me. good work, keep it up and stay positive.


Thank you so much! Everything you said really means a lot to me and encourages me to keep writing. I'm glad you liked it!


Reading this made me slip-in to your mood. Love it. :0

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