The road to dawn

Sun, 06/21/2015 - 23:09 -- SM2J96

When things seem to have darken along road

Or perhaps the road vanished right before your eyes

You stop and breathe.

You try to not let the darkness get to you, to devour you whole.

That's when you think of your light, what keeps you going despite the lack of direction.

This light shimmers even in the darkest of shadows, it calls to you.

For myself, that small light beckoning to me is my friend, who was always there when this darkness was about to overtake me.

When I was about to lose the battle against the darkness within myself.

The friend who stayed up countless hours in the night until morning's sunrise to make sure I wouldn't do anything I wouldn't come back from.

That friend of mine is the light that'll lead me out of this dark abyss, and back onto the road of dawn, where light and dark is balanced as it should be.

If that doesn't seem awesome, then maybe you have yet to find your light to lead you back to the road of dawn.

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