A River of Beans

"Have you ever wondered

Where odd names come from?


Of Oklahoma's many

The Cimarron River's one


Once upon a time

A cowboy was hungry


He sat down to eat

Some beans that looked funny


As they cooked

Over a roaring fire


The cowboy waited

For tenderness to aspire


After many long hours

He peeked in the pot


But the beans he waited on

Were still hard as a rock


The agitated cowboy

Began to quiver


In a fit of anger

He threw those beans in the river


He yelled, "Simmer On!"

In all his frustration


And since that day

Cimarron came to creation"


As Dad concluded his story

We all rolled our eyes


Wondering if we could ever believe

A story quite this size

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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