The river

As i'm walking i can hear the clear water's existence

When i get closer i see blood flowing from it in a distance.

I hear it cry and cry as i get closer 

It's like my soul coming out of my body as the sounds get louder and louder.

As i run to see why is this river crying for me 

I look into the water and instead of my reflection i see stories that are extrodinary.

I saw why they cried they crid because i was alive 

I was alive to see the message that they left behind.

The river showed me stories the made me drop to my knees 

Slave workers crying, people marching, whites lynching black men held at gun point screaming out please.

It showed me the life of kuntah kinteh being dragged in chains 

Cutting his foot because he wanted to be free from the suffering and pain.

It showed me MLK giving his speech i had a dream so we can all unite and be free from this agony

As he led us to a dream they shot him from his balcony leaving us in diversity.

It showed me the brutal death of Emitt Till

It showed me the white man giving his son a gun showing him how to kill.

It showed me the life of Kalief browder  fighting to survive 

After all the pain and sorrow he couldn't bear he committed suicide.

It showed me a black amn coming home from work going to his family

Getting shot by cops because of a mistaken identity thinking he was a threat to society.

It showed me Tupac giving his 1994 interview that was inspirational

2 years later he's getting shot fighting for his last breath in the hospital.

As i sat and screamed and cried like a baby

The river said "pick your head up because u need to live to tell this legacy."

As i walked away my head held high i smell the clear waters existence

As the farther i walk i can see the light from a distance.

I hear it sing and sing as i walked farther 

It's like my soul comig back to my body as the sounds get smaller and smaller.




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