The Rising Son


To Dad, the man who raised me so well,

And picked me up every time that I fell

Who taught me respect and not to talk back,

Using a strong dose of parenting, and a hint of slack.


Your hands guided me when I first rode a bike.

“Life’s less about the mountain, and more about the hike”.

You showed me how to build a fire, and how to chop wood.

You made our lawn the envy of the whole neighborhood.


With all of the soccer games you attended,

And all of the scrapes and bruises you mended,

With all of your lessons from which I have learned,

It’s rare that I give you the thanks you have earned.


As I have grown older, I’ve followed your lead.

You’ve given me the tools you knew I would need.

Instead of “Figure it out”, you said, “Here’s what you do”.

A book can’t contain what I’ve learned from you.


You helped me push through my most difficult classes,

And got your sons out of trouble when life kicked our asses.

Thank you for your support, pre-school to pre-med.

Remember with love, the words you’ve just read.


To Mom, the woman with love in her heart,

Who made me realize that life is an art.

Whose gentle hands have pushed me along,

Who gave me a family where I feel I belong.


I remember laughing as you tickled my feet,

And the middle-school projects you helped me complete.

I remember holding your hand in the grocery store,

Playfully arguing about who loved who more.


Lunchtime with mom was always a treat,

The sandwiches I make will never compete.

You’ve baked so many sweets since I was a tike,

Cookies, brownies, cake, and the like.


We share a sweet tooth and a love for the ocean,

You taught me a true man is not void of emotion.

“If you treat people right, and hold loved ones dear,

Great opportunities are bound to appear”.


For 20 years, I’ve been in your care,

And for 20 years, you’ve always been there.

I’ll live life as you do, full of laughter and fun.

Forever my mother, love always, your son.


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