Rising Up

Sun, 02/02/2020 - 23:07 -- 1930

Wings touch the ground,

beating, beating, against the wind.

Blizzard bound to be coming.

Almost there, almost there,

you got it.

Did you really?

Talons still on the ground,

beak down, beak down,


like a chicken,

are you really?

Really ready?


Pulling feathers, pulling feathers,

trying to take them off?

I'm looking up, looking up,

the sun's no where to be shown.

Falling feathers, falling feathers,

scattered around,

on the ground.

They're mine?

They're mine.

Take a breath, take a breath,

take it easy now...


can't... can't...

wings sore... wings worn...


My feathers.


They've fallen.


can't get up now.


What you do, what you do,

frost biting your wings now.

Look back, look back now,

head down.

A pitiful call comes from your beak,

calling out, hoping they will call you back.

Did they look back?

You're part of a flock, you're part of a flock,

they are a part of you.

Did they look back?

You know you're a part of them,

why are you worried?

Did they look back?

They're the flock, they're the flock,

they are a part of you.

Did they look back?


You can't expect them to come back when each one is battling a storm.



I'm sorry.


You know they love you, you know you got this,

you know they know you got this.


I'm... worried.


Sometimes, you got to do this on your own,

lift up your wings and go.


My wings ache, it's not fair.

Fallen feathers, fallen feathers,

look around.

I can't move, can't move,

stuck on the ground.

Winter's coming closer, winter's coming closer,

the wind's coming now.

Sore bones, sore wings,

what are you saying now?


Your heart's burning like an ember.


My wings are shaking, my heart is hurting,

can't do it now, can't do it now.


what are you saying now?


I hear doubt.


No, really?


No, I understand. It's alright, it's alright,

but you can do it now. Your wings are not as fragile as you are expecting,

come on lift them up now.


No, I can't, no, I can't,

it hurts, it hurts.


Try to take a step, take a step,

you can do it now.




There you got it, you're doing it, now you've got it.

Here we go, take a step, move a wing,

you've got it,

storm's moving closer now,

but you got it.


That was barely anything,

I hardly went anywhere,

storm's getting closer,

and you're right,

but we're not going anywhere.


Look you got to trust me,

knowing your heart means knowing me,

we're almost there,

you got to believe me.

Your heart is hurting, it's true,

but there is still hope inside of you.


Look, hear me out, okay,

you've got to listen to what I've got to say,

the storm's coming closer, that's alright,

you're moving quicker,

things aren't as bad as it seems,

you've got to trust me to believe me.

Look, you're almost there,

head up to the sky,

looking up, that's a start,

you've got to feel it in your bones,

tell them that you're ready, ready to start.


Okay, I'm listening,

I'm trying. Wings shaking, but I'm not flying.

I'm looking up, is that a start?

Do you really think I'm playing the part?


Anything small, is still a win,

looking up,

that's better than staying down.

Picking up doesn't mean you'll stand up tall,

it means that it's good that you stood up at all.

I know it's hard to think that's a win, but you really did it,

that's still something.

Trust me, trust your heart,

it's good that you made a start.


Alright, alright,

I'm taking your advice,

wings please stay steady,

oh I really hope I'm ready,

beating, beating against the wind.

It's hard to think when the wind is blowing in.

I'm scared, but I'm ready,

I trust my heart,

please wings, stay steady.


I'm scared, I'm scared,

but I'm staying steady,

wings up, wings down,

I'm flying.

Here we go, here we go,

I'm trying.

Here we go, here we go,

I'm flying.

The frost I'm feeling,

still won't stop the wing that I'm beating,

we're going, we're going,

I'm flying.

Was it worth trying?


yes, yes, it was.


We're doing it now!


Yes, yes, we're doing it now!


Wings beating, chest breathing,

I'm scared, I know it now,

it's alright, it's alright,

it's okay now.


Wings on fire, we're getting higher,

burning brighter,

from the ashes, from the ashes,

I'm coming now.


From the ashes, from the ashes,

you did it now.


From the ashes, from the ashes,

I've risen now!

Thank you! Thank you!

I've gotten it now.

Thank you! Thank you!

I'm facing the storm,

ice stinging, ice stinging,



but I'm still burning now.











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