It’s the day after a tragic hurricane,

The town is hushed and devastating destruction lays around

Hazy sights of landmarks that used to be, with a cold bitterness in the air


The boardwalk is barren as the sand from underneath has been washed away

The morning dew shimmers off the flowers as the sea breeze whistles through the trees,

And the birds hover upon branches prepared to finally greet the morning sun,


The last day of calamitous destruction has caused nothing but hopelessness 

The chilling feeling of being trapped, unaware of the complete destruction taking place outside 

The reverberating sounds of wind roaring, trees bangging, and lightning crackling 

The thunderous booms that followed echoing through the night


The pounding thoughts of “what if” cloud many minds

The neglectful attempt to pay attention to the beauty surrounding 

Instead stressed about the minor details, unable to focus on the big picture 


As the sun begins to rise, the colors start to reflect upon the waves 

The reds, oranges, and yellows collide as if they were paint on an artist's palette 

It’s a truly breathtaking view to capture 


There is a couple to the left holding hands, staring at the radiant sky,

To the right an older couple swinging their granddaughter causing her to squeal, 

And in front, a boy playing fetch with his dog who hasn’t seen the sky in days 


Focusing back at the gleaming sunrise ahead, starting to see a new beginning  

Amongst the colorlessness around, the sky brings out the beauty of the day


This moment brings a slight glimmer of hope 

A reminder that nothing is the end when hope is still present 

In this, finding strength to continue on the never ending journey of life 

Inspired to see the beauty in every day, beauty in all destruction


And in that moment, praising to be alive 


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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