Rise Of The Unfortunate


As the morning has appeared

The air is clear, the sky so clean

My lungs breath in, a sense of victory

My pockets full of little things

Like paper bills, in shades of green

A family has gathered 'round

To say a pray to the mighty God

The kids upstairs are studying

Each treating one so equally

The neighbor's smile

Lights up their face

In trance of young

Old hearts beat well

A humble man with courtesy

Allows himself to show some generosity

My eyes are set on today's paper

Where a young woman has many things to say

With young talents still in process

And wise minds are still at work

The community has well progressed

Oh he so young

A boy who strives

To be as free

As his mind sets to be

And as the daylight switches into night

And already the sun is set

I go to sleep to get some rest

And as my eyelids lose control

I start to realize and shape the truth

A nightmare is where I fall into

Which many would not dare to say

But only is unfortunately

Our reality

I count the many checks I save

To steer myself from poverty

And there my luggage sits by the door

Waiting patiently to be explored

My smile has vanished

Without a trace

Leaving a frown in it's place

In my head it lingers still

That one small thought

My only will

To be rewarded

Of the reality

In the sense

Of the true American Dream


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