From the Rise to the Fall

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A Poem By: Eugene Al Bailey Jr.


What if I told you that what you felt wasn’t real? If love became a want instead of a need? Yeah I know, lying is a sin. That exact reason is why I won’t be supporting those claims. To differ though I will adjust to the possibility of falling in love at first sight. No my name isn’t Noah and no her name isn’t Allie. In all honestly, she doesn’t need to be named, besides the word “mine.” She was all mine, she was my happiness. That feeling you get when you are satisfied is an amazing one, but with her I didn’t have that satisfaction. With her I had this sense that we were one. Feeling like nothing and everything at the same time could sound bad to some, with me though it was my life. I felt like nothing because nothing seemed to exist besides her. She made me feel as if everything I have ever wanted was a lie to myself and that I gained something greater and bigger than I could ever imagined. A sense of touch wouldn’t be able to explain what she meant to me, but now a memory seems to be livelier than the present. She didn’t know what she would mean to this world and you could say the world didn’t know how much she would mean to it. People changed, she changed, I changed and for a bitter part of life it seemed everything has changed.


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