Rise to Change

Sun, 12/01/2013 - 15:18 -- Mad_Dav

To say that we don't need no education

Is not how we should beat this situation.

No real teachers, books, or knowledge today

This nation is helpless. The youth? No way.


We stand under these leaders, trying not to lose hope,

But their days are numbered and it's time we rose up.

So pack up your weapons 'cos it's time to attack.

If you don't believe us, then you better stand back.


We are the problem solvers of the new age

It takes a new perspective to turn the page

We are the brains and bones and foundation of promise

Simply put, you guys, we got this.


We can't let this world fall into ruins

We have to pave the way and inspire the young ones

'Cos one day their time will come too

Ours will be over and there's nothing to do.


Time and age and change and life

Follows us everywhere, our backs to the knife

Nowhere to go, run or hide

Face the fact that our hands are tied.


One wrong move and we're good and done, looking down the barrels of all our guns

So for now, while we have potential by the ton, look up and see that we're the chosen ones.


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