The Rise and Fall of Life

The soft embrace of Earth 

Relaxed breaths fall off my chest 

The rise and fall of life

Its windows peer up at the glimmers of light perched in the sky 

Two apertures looking out on the expanse 

So close to my touch




A fractile of existence

With infinite capacity for possibility

The mask of a void 

What’s out there? Who’s watching?

Spheres shifting

Darkness twining 

Light hovering 

Why won’t you let me see?

Why won’t you take off your mask?

Covering a mirror of endless reflection

Or are you truly ugly in all your essence 

Beautiful yet cruel

Relentless yet gentle

But everlasting nonetheless

A quiet, empty, blackness

Flooded with the screams of silence

Still, paralyzed, hushed 

Time moving slow 

Tick tick ticking 

My mind in a spacewalk of numbness

Still, paralyzed, hushed 

The rise and fall of life

da dump

da dump 

da dump

The unknown that haunts humanity in their dreams

But we are here 

We are living 

The rise and fall of life

One chance 

To live in question 

Or accept existence 

To each their own and to me, mine 




What to make with mine 

One chance 

The world at my fingertips 

A child of yielding clay 

An elder of wisdom and spirit 

Time slowed down

Once chance 

And my possibilities are endless

The rise and fall of life

A life of infinite possibility


This poem is about: 
Our world


Cancelled Stamp

This is beautiful. 


Great piece! I love it !!

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