Rise and fall

I start to rise and then I fall, 

I am unstoppable so I start to crawl. 

Covered in blood and broken, 

Too weak for words to be spoken. 

This journey makes me question what do I keep trying for? 

Keep moving until I can stand once more. 

As I begin to stand, 

Every fall feels harder when I land. 

Here we are once again, 

Haven’t I paid enough for my sin? 

Come on now you can’t let the fight end, 

Keep fighting until you mend. 

Broken & bloody, 

Clothes are muddy. 

Reach until you can pull back to the top, 

The past doesn’t define you and you cannot stop. 

                   -Danielle Martinez




That was beautiful and relatable. Never give up <3


Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words!

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