Rise Again

No one knows what I’m capable of

With my brain and interchangeable love

I’m a product of the stars, molded into the moon

I’ve been falling so hard and I’ll get up soon

My heart knows I’m too weak

But I’m too upbeat to accept defeat

My dreams have been consumed by fear

Fear that I’ll be in the same spot in years

My talent hasn’t taken off

They tell me I gotta shake it off

I’m too stubborn to break it off

Instead of sleep I wake and toss

Laying in darkness but my mind is so bright

So instead of being a shadow I light up the night

I get back up to pick up pad and pen

And realize that my skills are heaven sent

Ironic enough I’m more than hell bent

To use words as a form to vent

See the lines give me hope

That someone will read what I wrote

And escape their tragedies

To live out their fantasies


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