You were never missing a kind word

A life story

A tale unheard

You never missed a hug

A gentle soul

A heart to tug

You never knew how drastically

You steered me away from catastrophe

You never were anything but modest and yet

Your love and support was the best I could get

You always said what I needed to hear

A caring smile

A listening ear

You always had an air of caution

A wise notion

A safer option

If only you took your own advice

That fateful night

I imagine your cries

I think of you not with blood on your face

The thoughts of your death I leave not a trace

My mind would wander as if floating through space

I’d find a tidbit I’d thought I erased

A thought I had buried since your demise

I’ll always remember how you told me to rise

You told me, don’t bow out and follow the crowd

Go out, stay true, stay loud

When you see a gruesome sight

Don’t look away

Open your eyes

Feel that anger

Feel that disgust

Feel the fight

And rise

If you were alive today you’d see

Just how well that’s worked out for me

But knowing you

And your fighting spirit

I know in my heart

You won’t want to hear it

You’ll say, “Don’t you worry yourself, you’ll reach for the skies”

“You’ll brush yourself off, and someday you’ll rise”.


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My family
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