R.I.P to me


Nobody truly sees the me inside of me

They only see what is visible to the naked eye

And off of that, they judge me

They don't get to know me and they don't know my fight

They don't see the person inside of me trying to escape

Trying to see the light

But when they break free, will the light burn their skin?

Will the light burn their eyes?

It scares me to not know who exactly I am within

According to this messed up society

I wouldn't even qualify to take a test of beauty

And only simply because my hair isn't long

And my stomach isn't flat

My legs aren't long

I might be short and stumpy


Do you know who she is? DO you know how bad she wants to be free?

Forget what you see at first glance

Look deeper inside of me, and you'll see the true beauty that matters

I am exuberant and hard working

I deserve to be recognized as the beautiful person I truly am

Who are you to tell me I am not good enough?

Who are you to set standards for who I should be?

Putting me behind a curtain

Putting me at a status of invisibility

And it astonishes me how I let the ridiculous standards that were set

Affect me and how I leave my mark

Bump it! IM breaking out

Being who I wish to be

I’m going to stop caring about who has something to say about me


The real me

The me you absolutely refuse to open your eyes to see









Oh who am I kidding?

I’m not fit for it

I’ll crawl back behind this curtain

And I’m almost certain the person I am inside

Is now lost, dead from loss of pride

All because no one tried to open not only their eyes, but their hearts and see

Rest in peace to me.


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