R.I.P Maya Angelou

R.I.P Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou You are one of my 
Favorite Poets I know heart and soul
Maya Angelou they will writ you 
down in history no lies attached 
Every head has a poem in their heart
You ever wrote 
Your words are strong and true 
You may write down in history
With no bitter, twisted lies
Your name Maya Angelou touch all
our souls of a Poet we all know 
Your words are bold 
others may tread you in the very dirt
But still, like dust, you will rise
Your words will stand strong 
Your Ink has been written in history
A name You had made for yourself 
Miss Maya Angelou 
A woman Poet of truth of heart 
We all will miss you 
But we will never forget You 
Dust thou you art
to dust you will go 
Pain is all gone 
And sleep this beautiful Poet will get 
The day is done and the night is young 
This poet is gone home 

Lilly Emery
R.I.P Maya Angelou


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