Memories fade, how long do they last
Thinking about you, won't forget our past
Wasn't just a friend, more like a brother
Alway's down to ride, there for another
Now your gone, left your daughter behind
Don't worry bout it, as if she were mine
& it's no thing, I love that girl to death
What I'd give you to have one more breath
The day I heard the news I fell & dropped
Heart skipped a beat may of even stopped
Wish I could rewind the clock, stop the time
Because a friend like you is hard to find
Trying to keep it together, let you go
Got to be strong, can't let my emotions show
I'm falling apart, trying the best I can
Steady losing focus, don't understand
At the top of my game, fell so fast
Don't feel the same, like I'm wearing a mask
My future is dim doesn't seem too bright
Gotta step outta the dark, into the light
Even though I'm hurt, this isn't the end
It's time I say goodbye, to my best friend

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My family
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