The day he died is when you died too; Your heart, your smile, your kids died too. When he left us, your happiness did the same; Two kids and still felt no reason to remain. I know you loved him, so did we; We try to keep going too why can't you see? So it's as if two, not one spirit was sent to heaven that day; And I'm tired of crying myself to sleep just trying to pray. So I stop, step back and look for a sign; Only to see eveything fall apart, like I'm losing my mind. I see a woman hurt so bad she begins to reject healing; I see two heart-broken kids trying to hide their feelings. I see her hidden emotions through school and church doors; I wonder if she knows it only hurts more. So I close my eyes to subdue the pain; Imagining a day theres no more rain . It hurts more to know you both are gone if only you knew; But the day he died is when you died too.


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