Ring your Bell, Blue

I have seen the little child . . . the little girl.

I have seen her from up close and from afar.

I would think to myself I love her.

I would think to myself I hate her.

However, I do love her . . . the lovely Thumbelina.


I must never trust her though . . . despite her beauty.

I must spread the tales of her disappearance as kidnap.

I have lied to keep her all to myself.

I have lied to keep her away from her burdens.

However, I have failed her . . . curse you, prince.


I have watched her borne gracefully. . . from the flower.

I have watched her sing her beautiful song.

I should have stopped that disgusting toad.

I should have stopped that prideful ladybug.

However, I was too cold . . . to do such.


I felt my heart turn cold . . . hardened by regret.

I felt the winter’s winds slash and bash against me.

I have fallen to the ground, only remembering her voice.

I have fallen to clutches of death, only remembering her song.

However, I did not die . . . thanks to Thumbelina.


I wish to save her truly . . . the flower child.

I wish to free her from her burdens.

I wanted us to fly together to a land of blooming flowers.

I wanted us to be together, I above and she below.

However, I was fool to think so . . . a fool indeed.


I felt it broke instantly . . . my own heart.

I felt it destroyed the moment I heard their song.

I lost my love twice from fear and from royalty.

I lost myself twice from chance and from worship.

However, I should know the expectations as . . . a bluebird should.

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Our world


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