rihanna voiceover

it goes like

work work work work work

fifty hours in three days, i'm not management though

daddy ain't never let me anything but great and i wish

wish i was anything but cuz these white folks?

they usin and abusin that

it goes like

work work work work work

i'm eighteen and my back hurts, eighteen and i'm struggling like i've been doing this for years

(it's only been two)

i think about college- yeah, it'll be lit

but to get there? i gotta

work work work work work

my feet hurt my back aches i'm standin in this fridge all day long doing other people's work

i'm an 'invaluable assest'

'one of our greatest employees'

'essential member of the team'

just a steady stream of 

work work work work work

i don't get shit over minimum wage though


how invaluble can i really be? 

cuz see, ole boy got hired a month ago

(i've been here two years)

no experience from the getgo, making fifteen an hour

but me, your girl- one of them greatest employees?

yeah she's barely makin' ends meet 

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