Rights in our Natural World


United States
35° 23' 58.6212" N, 119° 6' 15.0084" W

Did the movement really end?
The feelings, tensions, all amend?

Or does separation still exist?
Hatred and doubt with a twist?

The current world presents ignorance,
Prevalent distrust, shouting for guidance.

Inexperience fueled by the split
Of neighborhoods that we permit.

These unknown lives and countless sighs
Ignored by most, met by no replies.

This illusion of separateness and of difference
Diminishes the world of all its brilliance.

An imbalance of love enacted today
Causes the scales of Libra to sway.

To solve this problem we must inspect
Our teachings of culture and of respect.

One world, one body, and one community
Are proper to restore our natural unity.

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