The Right

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 15:56 -- Lizz838

Who has the right to tell me what to do?

Who has the right to choose where my life should go and what it should be?

Who has the right  to say to me that i can not be with the person I love dearly?


Certainly I have the right to myself right? 



My life has been set according to everyones eyes but my own. When will be my turn and my time to say and do the things that I desire to do so?

Will it be now or will it be weeks from now?


How about a couple months or maybe a year?

Never you say? 


But, how can you tell me no to what i want to do? 


How come i have to say yes reguardless to what your orders are but you can say no to my hearly desires?

I stand up for myself for the first time and you say i was being selfish and only thinking about myself. Who has the right of my own being if i do not?



I will say this is my firs time addin a poem and ever creating one but sometimes i type wut first comes in my mind so hopefully it aint to confusing 


like or dislike hate or love i would just like to ask wut was the first thing that came to thought when u read this 

please and thank you : D 

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