Ridiculous Addiction


United States
33° 56' 19.6296" N, 118° 21' 38.898" W
United States
33° 56' 19.6296" N, 118° 21' 38.898" W

Pen to paper, ideas spewing out,

As one of my teachers said

like vomit,

Once you start, you can hardly stop

As the mountains build themselves

and castle walls erect themselves


An ambiguous blob begins to form

turning into

flesh and skin

A character who takes my hand

and drags me along

My pen leaving trails that

look like words


They knit themselves together

into sentences



Of gorgeous landscapes

colors, sounds


And I sit amidst the

Genesis of a world unfolding

a world that once existed

Only within my head

and I am its god, sending

worlds colliding


Or maybe it's controlling me?


I hardly care, the high

of creation

(or perhaps it's the ink fumes)

Sending my emotions into

delirious spirals


Up, up, upward

Delicious paroxysms of joy

and a buzz that lasts me 

All day, I can't wait 

to again set forth

to my ridiculous addiction

Of setting pen to paper

once again


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