Ride Out The Storm


Simmer in the sun,
Dive in the lake.
Roll in the fescue,
Feel the wind break.
Frolic in the flowers,
Dance in the rain.
Twirl under trees,
Race across the plane.
Watch as shadows grow,
Hear the thunder roar.
Dart for your home,
Bust open the door.
Notice leaves fly,
Jump as lighting strikes.
Listen to the whistle,
Acknowledge wind pikes.
Sense the house shake,
Flee to the cellar.
Stay in its safety,
Become its dweller.
Ignore the world outside,
Forget about the valuables.
Keep yourself unharmed,
Leave behind expendables.
Ascertain the storm,
Come out of hiding.
Observe all the damage,
Advert the twister gliding.
Realize the roof is gone,
Sweep the debris away.
Exit the wrecked abode,
Avoid the cyclone's affray.
Push through the gales,
Head for the town.
Attack the falling ice,
Beware the touchdown.
Reach the outskirts,
Gawk at the missing city.
Fall to your knees,
Cry in grieving pity.


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