Every morning was the same routine but this year I was certain it  would be different. Waking up to go to school is not the same as it was last year.

 This year I was determined to not be afraid of what I was in the summer. I always let it control me even though I had to be the one in charge.

                                      Later I learned that practice makes perfect and that patience is key.

So every morning I get the keys of the truck, move it out from the driveway and take it to the next street.

Yes, that lasts for about two minutes but, when I drive for that instant I feel like I am all grow up. That is how I know it’s my next step to individualism. I imagine myself driving to the mall, the movies, to college. It’s incredible how those few minutes make me feel free.

The best part is the view that I get to drive with. Sometimes you can see the yellow, orange or purple pink sunset behind the trees branches. Along with that I get to listen to my favorite boy band’s album.

I can say that that is what motivates me to get up in the morning. To take the smallest but most amazing ride of my life.





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