The Ride

Up, up, up. 'Round and 'round.

Just by thinking about it I became nauseous.

I really didn't want to do this because heights always made me a bit cautious.


In that moment I wish I wasn't such a daredevil.

I changed my mind and wasn't willing to reach that level.

It would have been better if I would have been injected with some type of venom.


After waiting in that enormous line for around thirty minutes, I was up next.

Oh how I could curse everyone out for making me take on this stupid bet.

The only thought that ran through my head was, "Oh what the heck."


I was in the seat ready and buckled up.

Immediately I thought, "Let me up."

But it was too late, we were already off and up.


It was pretty smoothed the first time around, as long as no one moved that is.

As we hit the tip top, I could see where just about everyone lived.

I realized that there was nothing that I needed to be scared of to begin with.

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