The supervillain called Rhino has kidnapped a little girl and I'll tell you why;

It's because the little girl's wealthy parents won't give him all their money and that's no lie.


When Peter Parker finds out what Rhino has done, he changes into Spider-Man, as you can see;

Spider-Man swings through the air, searching for Rhino, and I'm speaking honestly.


When Spider-Man finds Rhino's lair, he breaks in, which is true;

Trying to attack Spider-Man is what Rhino would do.


Rhino's attacks are what Spidey would avoid;

When Rhino can't attack Spidey, he gets annoyed.


Spidey uses a web that's imbued with a chemical to melt off the villain's suit;

Rhino is also a brute.


When the little girl sees Spidey knock out Rhino, she's filled with happiness;

Rhino is even a total mess.


Spidey frees the little girl and calls the police, which is smart;

Rhino will never have goodness in his heart.


When the police arrive to arrest Rhino, Spidey grabs the little girl and takes her back to her mom and dad;

Spidey will always defeat a person who's bad.


When the little girl is back with her parents, Spider-Man swings away;

Spider-Man has saved the day.




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