Rheumatic Fever

Rheumatic fever is a disease that involves the brain, the heart, the joints, and the skin;

Rheumatic fever is deadly and always has been.


About 325,000 kids are suffering from rheumatic fever every year;

Here are more things about rheumatic fever that you should hear.


A non-itchy rash, involuntary muscle movements, painful joints, and a fever are the signs and symptoms of rheumatic fever, as you can see;

The kids, who develop rheumatic fever, are between the ages of 5 and 14 and I'm speaking truthfully.


There are cures for rheumatic fever and that'll put the patients in a good mood;

Fresh juicy fruits are what the patients should take as health food.


Every morning, four herbs and water should be taken by the patients too;

Taking a pill each day that's made of white arsenic, a dried grape, and pepper is something else that the patients should do.


The patients' affected body parts should be rubbed with castor oil and their parts should be bandaged with cottonwool;

Whoever doesn't believe me is a fool.


Everyday, hot and cold compresses should be applied to relieve the swelling and pain in the patients' joints and what I'm saying is right;

Rheumatic fever patients can be cured, regardless if they're black, yellow, brown, red, or white.


The patients should even take plenty of fruit juices that are good;

Rheumatic fever patients can be cured in any neighborhood.


When the patients are cured, they'll feel really well;

Healthy brains, hearts, joints and skin are what everyone needs and that's all that I'll tell.



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